How can I send invitations?

From the main menu proceed to Invitations to go to the invitations management screen and select Invite.


A screen with your available contacts for invitation will be displayed. If any contact of your list does not appear, please read our 'It doesn't appear the number of the contact list when sending the invitation' article.


Once the contact you want to send an invitation to is selected, you will see the available info for that contact: Name, Telephone and country code.

There is a checkbox available to send your contact a notification of the invitation. This notification will include a link to download EnigmediaApp. The invitation will be valid even if you do not send the notification. But it is highly recommendable to let your contact know there is a pending invitation even if it is not through the Notify by SMS checkbox.

As shown on the next screenshot, there is a dropdown menu available to show the pending invitations and the ones that have been already accepted.

How can I send a reminder?

By selecting the bell icon next to the name of each invited contact you will be able to send a reminder using any available method.



When a pending invitation is accepted, a new pull-down section with the list of contacts that have accepted the invitation will be shown. 

How can I revoque or remove an invitation?


If you wish to revoque an accepted invitation or remove a pending one, you will just have to slide to the left the name of the contact and select the desired option.

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  • 02-Mar-2016