Apps' permission request in Android M

With Android operating system's new version's appearance (Android M or Android 6.0 Marshmallow), the user has the chance to choose which permissions each one of the installed Apps are able to access to.

In order to use some functionalities of EnigmediaApp, such as contact list synchronization, invitations' delivery or calls, multiconference-calls and video-calls execution, the application will require to have access to certain permissions of your device.

When you download and install EnigmediaApp the concession of permissions will be made automatically.

If you decide to deactivate the Contacts' permission, the contacts' synchronization could not be done. You could neither invite any contact because Enigmedia App needs to access to your device's Contact list in order to do this action. In this case, if you press Invite in the lateral Invitations' menu, you will have the chance to activate again this permission.


If you deactivate Microphone's permission, you will not be able to make or receive calls and if you try to call one of your contacts, you will be asked to activate this permission. You will not be able to call until you give EnigmediaApp access to your microphone.

If you decide to deactivate the camera's permission, you will not be able to make video-calls. In that case, if you push the video's button during a video-call, a warning will be shown indicating this situation. If you activate this permission during a video-call, the app will be restarted to be able to work properly, and for that reason is convenient to shut down the app before activating it.

If you deactivate the SMS permission, the application will not detect nor introduce automatically in the corresponding field the code to validate your phone's number or the code in order to register as a Guest user.

Phone's permission allows the App to hear system's event related to the GSM calls, so if you deactivate this permission the pause mode will not be correctly managed.

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  • 10-Mar-2016