Apps' permission request

In order to use some functionalities of Enigmedia App, such as the notifications, the contact list synchronization, calls and conference-calls or video-calls, you will have to previously grant some permissions to Enigmedia App.

If you want to be notified about the events that happened while using the App, accept the notifications' permissions the first time you launch the App. If you do not grant this permission, you will not receive any warning for calls or messages while the App is on the background.

As soon as you get registered, the App will request permission to read your contact list in order to synchronize the contacts. If you do not accept this permission, your contacts will not be synchronized with your contact list.

At the register moment, the App will ask some camera permissions in order to make video-calls. If you do not accept this permission, during a voice call, the button that activates the camera will not be activated and you will not be able to send video images, nor receive images of your contact.

When you do your first call, the app will request some permissions to your microphone. If you do not activate microphone's permissions, you will not be able to make calls at all.

If you want to see all these mentioned App permissions, go to the Settings menu. Search among these settings Enigmedia App and press upon it to open the about permissions' options. On this menu, you will be able to choose which permissions you want to grant and which you don't.