Broadcast list

A broadcast list will allow you to send the same message simultaneously to different contacts. Unlike the chat groups, the contacts on the broadcast list will receive the message in an individual chat with the creator of the list and they will not know that the message has been sent through a broadcast list. When the addressee answers to the message, the creator of the list will see it in an individual conversation too.

How to create a broadcast list

You can create a broadcast list form the menu Chats selecting New broadcast.


Provide a name to the broadcast list.
Select the addressees that you want to add to the list. 
Once you have selected them, press Create.


Once you have created it, every time you send a message through a broadcast list, all the addressees will receive the sent message in an individual conversation with you.


Accessing to the information icon from the broadcast list window, you could edit the name of the list, eliminate or add new addressees, or even eliminate the broadcast list.