Chat group

From the side Chats menu, you can start a conversation with several contacts at the same time, selecting the “New group” option.

How to create a new group chat conversation How to create a new chat group and his posibilities

One you select it, the groups creation list will be opened:

Steps to create a new chat group conversation 

To create the group:

1) Type in a name for the group.

2) Select the members that you want to include in the group.

3) Once you have selected them, select Create to complete the process.


You can check the information window pressing the i icon in the upper right corner of the group conversation.

how to expel a member of the chat group conversation Way to expel a member from the chat group

From this screen you can control several group options:

1) Change group's name: Press the field to edit the name, type group's new name in and confirm it pressing Accept

2) Call and send messages: Selecting a known contact of the member's list, you could call and send individual messages from the pull-down menu selecting the desired option. 

3) Send contact requests and invitations: In case you share a group with unknown members or guests you could send, respectively, a contact request or an invitation pressing the mentioned contact. Guest users do not have this option.

If you are the admin, you have a series of additional options.

Finally, you have an option to eliminate the contents of messages of the group (Empty chat) and an option to leave the group, that will allow the user to leave and erase the group completely.