Enigmedia's integration on the phone's contact list

On Android 5.0 or higher, Enigmedia App will be accessible on the phone's contact list as one of the available options to make a call and send messages once you have selected those personal contacts that also have an account with a telephone validated in the App.

Verify also that your contacts have been added to the contact list with the right international prefix. (Ej. +34XXXXXXX). You can set an international prefix by default for your contacts.

Once you select the Enigmedia calling icon, the App will call to the contact or will open a chat window with that user depending on the chosen option.

Depending on the device's manufacturer, the device will not use Android's native contact list. In order to use this option, you will have to create a shortcut.

In order to set an example, on Samsung, select the contact, select the options icon on the upper right corner and choose  “Place on Home screen”.

Opening the contact's card from the newly created icon on the home screen, Enigmedia App options will be available.