Contact list synchronization

If you are a user with a licence, the App will synchronize your contact list sending automatically a contact request to any user on your phonebook with an Enigmedia's App licence.

In order to do the synchronization, you need to validate your personal phone.

A contact request sending

Once any request has been accepted, a special group called “Phone contacts”, where all the synchronized contacts will be added, will be created on your contact list.


A contact request reception

If a user with licence has your telephone number on its contact list, you will receive a contact request.
If you share any group among your Enigmedia net with that user or if you have its telephone number on your contact list, the request will be accepted automatically and the contact will be saved in the group “Telephone's contacts”. 
Otherwise, the pending requests will be shown on Contacts menu's upper right corner. Push upon the icon to visualize the pending requests.


Select the request that you want to accept and confirm to complete the process. If you select reject, the contact will be added to the black list.


Once accepted, it will be added to the group Telephone contacts.